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Meditones make you calm without having to do a thing! All you need are headphones.

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Come home to yourself and thrive with a self care tool you’ll consistently enjoy using.

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Develop the resilience you need to live a life that matters to you.

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Discover how easy and effective meditones are.

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No need to download a thing! The Seekers’ Sanctuary is available on your computer, phone or tablet, with one simple login.

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Filter tracks, save your faves, even create playlists to make the experience your own.

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What our customers are saying


"Meditones have an amazing ability to gently transport you to a deep place of peace and comfort leaving you feeling calm and connected." ~ LJ


"Meditones are a beautiful intercept between science and spirituality. They help you quieten your mind and your nervous system. You will enter a state of calm that will make every cell in your body rejoice!" ~ Dr Danielle Arabena


"Tahlee's voice envelops me in love + peace like a swirling blanket of light. I'm so in awe of how gentle yet utterly powerful her musical medicine is. I love meditones SO much." ~ Anna

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