30 Things To Do Instead Of Scrolling

30 Things To Do Instead Of Scrolling

The beginning of the scroll can feel good. Social media can be a beautiful way to connect to friends and family (especially as an introvert).

And social media can be a fantastic way to share meaningful information, discover new ideas, or simply unwind with a hilarious meme (or ten).

But scrolling can also be a way of numbing ourselves. When our present experience feels overwhelming or lonely, becoming calm can feel impossible.

So we turn to social media for connection, distraction and fun.

But before you know it hours have passed, and when you come out of the trance, you feel weirdly drained which is the opposite of why you started.

So what do you do when you need some downtime, but you don’t want to mindlessly scroll any more?

Here are 30 things to do instead of scrolling:

  1. Spend time in nature
  2. Phone a friend (old school)
  3. Write a letter to a loved one (even older school)
  4. Colour in
  5. Draw a mandala
  6. Doodle in an art or bullet journal
  7. Listen to a calming playlist
  8. Recognise shapes in clouds
  9. Watch a TED talk
  10. Write 3 pages of uncensored writing to get your thoughts out onto paper
  11. Borrow a book from the library and read 10 pages
  12. Have a nap
  13. Draw an oracle card
  14. Do a tarot spread
  15. Meditate
  16. Listen to meditones
  17. Blow some bubbles with a smooth, long exhale
  18. Stretch, do yoga or Pilates
  19. Light a scented candle and watch it flicker
  20. Give yourself a facial
  21. Stargaze
  22. Knit or crochet
  23. Pat your pet
  24. Learn your favourite song on a musical instrument
  25. Bake a delicious treat
  26. Play cards or a board game
  27. Make a pot of tea and drink mindfully
  28. Make a blanket fort
  29. Water your plants
  30. Dance!

Experience effortless calm

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