An Effortless Sleep Hack That Actually Works In Minutes

An Effortless Sleep Hack That Actually Works In Minutes

Imagine easily falling asleep (and staying asleep) for a deep, restful slumber?

Sound delicious? Sleep is one of life’s great mysteries. Scientists still don’t really know why we sleep. However, anyone who has had a restless night, will tell you sleep is absolutely necessary.

And it’s not hard to see why. Sleep is vital for physical wellbeing, concentration, and mood.

Signs of good, healthy sleep mean you can:

  • Easily fall asleep within 15-20 minutes of lying down
  • Stay asleep and don’t have long periods of lying awake wishing you could go back to sleep
  • Wake up feeling refreshed

But what if you’re not sleeping well?!

What if you have trouble falling asleep (onset insomnia)? Or wake up a lot during the night (maintenance insomnia)? Or you’re a shift worker?

What if you’re a new parent and suffer from broken sleep? Or you have physical or mental health issues that prevent you from a good night’s rest?

What’s a sleep deprived person to do?!

First, we need to understand what the brain is doing during sleep.

Your Brain During Sleep

There are two dominant brain waves that occur during sleep: Theta brain waves and Delta brain waves.

Brain waves are measured in Hertz (Hz). If you imagine a wave at the beach, Hertz would be the number of times (or frequency) the waves crashed onto the shore per second.

Theta brain waves are produced during REM sleep while you're dreaming. They have a frequency between 4-8 Hertz.

five seconds of theta brain waves and their benefits

Delta brain waves are produced during deep, dreamless sleep. They have a frequency between 1-4 Hertz.

five seconds of delta brain waves and their benefits

When you have a good night’s sleep, you naturally cycle through Theta and Delta brain waves. This cycle usually lasts about 5-6 hours, giving you a deep and restorative sleep.

Which means when you access those deep, slow brain waves, you access all of the benefits of refreshing sleep.

The Effortless Sleep Hack That Works In Minutes

There's another fascinating way your brain can access sleep waves. With meditones®.

Meditones are precisely tuned frequencies of sound. When these frequencies are combined, they create a humming vibration. Scientists call them ‘binaural beats’.

When you listen to this humming vibration with headphones, the brain responds in a remarkable way. The left and right hemispheres of the brain work in unison to create calm brain waves - similar to ones you produce during sleep.

Which means you can listen to meditones and help your brain fall asleep effortlessly.

And the best news? The meditones effect works in minutes.

illustration of a person wearing headphones listening to meditones

I love the feeling of magic and light and comfort I get when I listen to meditones. They put me to sleep, in a really deep state each time. ~ Emma

So the only thing you need for a blissful sleep, is to slip on a pair of headphones.

You could listen to Theta & Delta meditones:

  • when you first go to bed to help you fall asleep
  • whilst lying in bed awake to help you easily fall back asleep
  • in the afternoon for a quick, refreshing ‘nap’ (great for stay-at-home parents)
  • if you’re a shift worker and need to block out daytime noise for a better sleep

You could even listen to our Ultimate Calming Sleep Playlist.

There's no need to struggle with sleep any more. You can have a deep, blissful sleep. Effortlessly.

All you need are headphones.

Experience effortless calm

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