Headspace vs Seekers' Sanctuary

Headspace vs Seekers' Sanctuary

Headspace is one of the world's leading meditation apps. Their mission is to help you live a healthier, happier life. But is the Headspace app right for you?

Meditation has a lot of scientifically proven benefits. Better sleep, calmer relationships, and overall improved wellbeing.

But what if you can't meditate? What if you tried mediation and couldn't do it? Or you're struggling with insomnia, trauma, chronic pain or mental health issues?

What if you need something that has all the benefits of meditation, but doesn't require any effort?

There is a solution. They're called meditones®.

Meditones make you calm without having to do a thing. And the Seekers' Sanctuary contains hours of meditones.

Here's why we think the Seekers' Sanctuary is more calming and easier to use than the Headspace app.

Benefits of meditones

1. Meditones work without you having to do a thing

Meditones gently assist you to go into deep calm quickly and easily. You don’t need to know how to meditate, or even practice meditation to experience the calming benefits of meditones. Just listen with headphones, and the meditones effect occurs naturally and effortlessly.

2. Meditones work immediately

Because meditones help you produce relaxed brainwaves, you’re able to experience deep calm straight away. You don't need to practice to experience the meditones effect. It works within minutes every time. This makes meditones perfect for beginners, or for times you can’t meditate because you’re too tired, in pain, or distressed.

3. There's no annoying vocals

Have you ever used a guided meditation but didn't like the person's voice? It's hard to feel calm when you're annoyed by sound. Our library contains hours of pure meditones music. There's no need to find a meditation teacher you like. You can go deep into calm states from the music alone.

How meditones work

Brain waves are measured in Hertz. And sound waves are also measured in Hertz. Which means we can use sound waves to stimulate brain waves that resonate at the same frequency. And this is how meditones work.

Meditones are precisely tuned frequencies of sound. When these frequencies are combined, they create a humming vibration. Scientists call them ‘binaural beats’.

When you listen to this humming vibration with headphones, the brain responds in a remarkable way. The left and right hemispheres of the brain work in unison to create calm brain waves - similar to ones you produce during relaxation, deep meditation and sleep.

illustration of person wearing headphones listening to soundwaves - one at 420Hz, one at 424Hz - which produces brain waves at 4Hz

How to use meditones

There's lots of ways meditones can help you in everyday life. Here are a few examples:


During sleep we go through cycles of REM sleep and slow-wave sleep. Theta brain waves are dominant during REM or sleep, when we're dreaming. And slow-wave sleep, where we don’t dream at all, is dominated by Delta brain waves.

When you listen to Theta or Delta meditones, your brain is producing brain waves just like you would if you were sleeping peacefully. Which means that listening to meditones can help you overcome insomnia, have good quality sleep and wake up feeling refreshed.

My lack of sleep affected my life tremendously and that's why I am very happy to find something that helps me sleep better. Listening to meditones during my evening routine has become really helpful for my sleep. ~ Meelike

Stress & Anxiety

Meditones help you to produce calm brain waves effortlessly, making them the perfect antidote to worry, stress and anxiety.

When you use meditones, you expose your brain to calm, focused states of consciousness. But they don’t just work in the moment. They also have long term effects.

There’s a saying in neuroscience “Neurons that fire together, wire together”. Like a well worn path through a field of tall grass, your neural pathways become thicker through repetition. Which means, the more you use meditones, the stronger those neural pathways become. Making it easier to become and stay calm.

I was experiencing a lot of anxiety and panic attacks, and meditones have helped me so much. As soon as I started listening, I started feeling better. This music is truly magical and works wonders to calm the brain, and the mind. ~ Melinda


Meditones can help you rest in unfamiliar environments and also provide relief from jet lag. This is because meditones stimulate brain waves similar to sleep. So they’ll help you rest during your journey, and refresh you at your new destination.

Plus – because they help you stay calm, meditones are also fantastic if you have a fear of flying. Just pop on your noise-cancelling headphones, close your eyes and relax.

I am going to have meditones on me on every flight I get on. Anxiety is unfortunately a real thing in my life – especially around travel and I just know they are going to help. ~ Jade

Pain Relief

Several studies have shown meditones to be an effective pain reliever. In fact, one study showed a significant reduction in the perception of chronic pain when listening to Theta meditones. Plus, pain isn’t just painful. Pain can be scary. By helping your brain stay calm, you take away the fear response which truly does lessen the perception of pain.

I listen to meditones at night to assist me sleep and to reduce any pain from my Idiopathic Neuropathy. Very good and highly recommended. ~ Graeme

Enhancing Meditation

Meditones help enhance focused forms of meditation like Vipassana, pranayama, mindfulness, and Transcendental Meditation. If you are an experienced meditator, just pop on your headphones and meditate as you normally would. You'll be able to feel the difference and the depth that meditones bring to your practice straight away.

Meditones immediately gives me a sense of release from old and negative thought patterns and provides me such a deep sense of relief, calm and restoration. Highly recommend as an added decoration to your existing meditation practice." ~ Julia

Benefits of a Seekers' Sanctuary membership

Hopefully by now, you've seen why we believe the Seekers' Sanctuary is more calming than the Headspace app. But here are a few more reasons why you might want to join.

Headspace App vs Seekers' Sanctuary benefits

We regularly update content

Every month we release new music which makes your membership more valuable over time.

We focus on exceptional music rather than celebrity endorsements

Our music producer has over 20 years experience composing meditones music. We regularly receive testimonials from happy fans who say our music is the best meditation music they've ever heard.

No credit card required for a trial

When you sign up for a free trial, we don't ask for any payment details. That way, you won't pay a cent until you choose to join. No sneaky charges for forgetting to cancel before your trial expires.

Seekers' Sanctuary works on any device

You won't find us on any app store. Because there's no need to download a thing! The Seekers’ Sanctuary works on your computer, phone or tablet, with one simple login.

One low monthly price

The Seekers' Sanctuary is only $11AUD a month to join. That's less than $9USD a month. There are no annual discounts, because we want meditones to be accessible as possible, no matter what.


The Headspace app certainly has a lot of happy users. But if you're looking for something that will help you feel calm straight away, without a tonne of effort, why not give the Seekers' Sanctuary a go?

Experience effortless calm

Access hours of meditones music inside the Sanctuary with your FREE trial today!