Meditones vs Binaural Beats

Meditones vs Binaural Beats

Have you ever tried to meditate but found meditation difficult? Do you find it hard to calm down? Are you dealing with stress, anxiety or overwhelm? Or struggling with insomnia?

The good news is that there is a tool that can help you feel instantly calm. You can easily gain all the benefits of deep meditation like:

They're called meditones®.

Why Meditones Help You Feel Calm

Meditones help you produce calm brain waves effortlessly.

The catch? You don't have to do a thing. You simply listen to them with headphones.

Meditones help you feel:

  • instantly calm
  • more grounded
  • less anxious
  • light and inspired
  • clear and focused
  • relief from pain
  • relaxed and restored

Plus, long term use helps you to become and stay calm more often.

Are Meditones The Same As Binaural Beats?

Meditones® are our term for binaural beats. They are one and the same.

We’ve been working with binaural beats for nearly two decades. And honestly? The term binaural beats is difficult to explain.

It's a difficult term to pronounce. (For the record, binaural beats is pronounced bye-n-oar-al beats). The term is confusing because binaural beats aren't a drum beat or rhythm. Plus it’s kind of hard to remember.

But if you say ‘meditones are tones that give you the benefits of deep meditation'. It's much easier to understand.

Benefits of Meditones / Binaural Beats

As you listen to meditones, your brain is rewiring itself to be more calm and resilient.

This is because of the science of neuroplasticity.

Years ago, scientists believed that we were born with a finite number of neurons (brain cells) that died as we aged.

However, we now know that the brain is constantly changing and adapting to its environment. Your brain has infinite potential for transformation.

field of grass'

Imagine your brain as a large field of tall grass. There are a few different pathways across the field.

Some are well worn paths, others are slightly overgrown, and there are large patches of thick, impenetrable grass. Which path are you going to choose to cross the field?

The easiest solution is to choose the well worn path.

The same is true for your brain. It loves efficiency. So it’s much easier for the brain to choose a pathway that is thick and strong.

sandy path through a field of pale brown grass

Just like the well worn path through a field of tall grass, your neural pathways become thicker through repetition.

And the more you form calm neural pathways, the more your brain will choose calm responses instead.

Which means, the more you use meditones, the stronger those calm neural pathways become. Making it easier to become and stay calm naturally.

How Do Meditones® / Binaural Beats Work?

white headphones on a white bedsheet

The scientific term for meditones are binaural beats (bye-n-oar-al bee-ts).

Unfortunately, the term binaural beats can be confusing. It's difficult to pronounce and it sounds like it might be a drum beat or rhythm.

So we changed it to meditones. Because they're tones that give you the benefits of deep meditation.

But before we can talk about how meditones work, we first need to understand brain waves.

How Brain Waves Work

There are 4 major brain wave states: Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta. Brain waves are measured in Hertz (Hz).

image of beta, alpha, theta and delta brain waves and their benefits

If you imagine a wave at the beach, Hertz would be the number of times (or frequency) the waves crashed onto the shore per second.

You’re always producing all of these brain waves but you become dominant in one type depending on your activity.

BETA: 12-30 Hertz. Dominant while you’re awake and actively engaged. Benefits include alert focus and logical thinking.

five seconds of beta brain waves and their benefits

ALPHA: 8-12 Hertz. Dominant during day dreaming and relaxation. Benefits include calm focus and quiet reflection.

five seconds of alpha brain waves and their benefits

THETA: 4-8 Hertz. Dominant during REM sleep. Benefits include enhanced creative flow and effortless calm.

five seconds of theta brain waves and their benefits

DELTA: 1-4 Hertz. Dominant during deep, restorative sleep. Benefits include deep healing and regeneration.

five seconds of delta brain waves and their benefits

Remember, brain waves are measured in Hertz. But sound waves are also measured in Hertz.

Which means we can use sound waves to stimulate brain waves that resonate at the same frequency.

And this is how meditones work…

The Science Of Meditones / Binaural Beats

A vibration is created when two slightly different frequencies of pure sound are combined.

For example: One frequency at 420 Hertz and another at 424 Hertz produces a vibration of 4 Hertz (424 - 420 = 4).

illustration of a person in headphones listening to meditones

When you listen to this vibration with a pair of headphones, your brain synchronises to that frequency.

Which means, when you listen to a vibration of 4 Hertz, your brain will produce brain waves of 4 Hertz or Theta brain waves. Helping you feel deeply calm. Effortlessly.

Meditones vs Guided Meditations

Inside the Seekers' Sanctuary there are a number of meditones tracks that include guided meditations.

However, most tracks are simply music with meditones. There are a few particular benefits of meditones only music.

close up of a piano keyboard with fairy lights on top

1. Meditones have no agenda

There is no particular journey being dictated to you. You can sit back and relax and let meditones do the deep work for you.

2. Meditones work immediately

You don’t have to do anything to feel calm. This makes meditones perfect for beginners, or for times you can’t meditate – because you’re too tired, in pain, or distressed.

3. Meditones enhance traditional meditation

Meditones enhance focused forms of meditation like Vipassana, pranayama, mindfulness, and Transcendental Meditation. Just pop on your headphones and feel the depth that meditones can bring to your practice.

4. Meditones are inclusive

We know the wellness industry lacks diversity so we wanted the Seekers' Sanctuary to feel like home to everyone. Which is why most tracks in the app are purely musical. You don't need to speak English or follow a particular meditation method. Which means meditones are more inclusive than guided meditations.

5. Meditones are easy self-care

Meditones are especially wonderful for activists, marginalised communities and anyone struggling with trauma. Soothing the nervous system is a vital part of restful self-care. And meditones are an easy and effective self-care tool.

Important Notes

Before you dive into the blissful world of meditones, there are a few important things to remember.

  1. The meditones effect / binaural beats only work with headphones. This is because the brain processes them differently to normal sound.
  2. Closed headphones that cover the whole ear (rather than earbuds that sit inside the ear) give you a superior meditones experience. This is because closed headphones have a better frequency range and also help to block outside sound.
  3. Meditones stimulate neural activity. Whilst there is no clear evidence that auditory entrainment cause seizures, meditones music may not be suitable for people with epilepsy. If you have concerns, please speak with your doctor. Any use of meditones is always at your own risk.

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