Why Good Headphones Will Change Your Life

Why Good Headphones Will Change Your Life

Have you ever had the pleasure of listening to your favourite music with a good pair of headphones? I mean really listen? With a really good pair of headphones that cover your ears?

It’s absolutely phenomenal. In fact, here’s why a good pair of headphones will change your life.

1. Earbuds kill your hearing

Actually – that’s not quite true. Noise kills your hearing.

And the problem with earbuds is that they don’t block outside noise very well. So in order for you to hear your favourite tunes while you’re out and about – you have to turn the volume up really loud.

When you use “over the ear” headphones, you can keep the music softer because you’ll be able to hear it more clearly. Plus you’ll be saving your ears from hearing loss, because once it’s gone – it’s never coming back.

2. You’ll hear things you’ve never heard before

Listening to music in good headphones is an exquisite experience. You have an intimacy with the song that you can’t get anywhere else.

You’ll hear bits and pieces, particularly in the background that you’ve never heard before. Plus, really good headphones have a greater frequency response. This means you’re able to hear a greater tonal range in the music.

Again – it’ll be crisper and clearer like you’ve never heard before. Bliss.

3. You’ll experience the meditones effect

Did you know that meditones help you create relaxed brain waves? And that you can only experience their calming effect when you use headphones?

This is because meditones aren’t processed in the brain like normal sound. When you use headphones, the left and right hemispheres of the brain work in unison to create calm brain waves. Similar to ones you produce during relaxation and sleep. 

Meditones stimulate the whole brain to function at an optimal calm state. But if you listen to them in speakers, you can move your head around and cancel out the therapeutic meditones effect. 

illustration of a person wearing headphones listening to meditones

So where do you get excellent over-the-ear headphones? Here are our recommendations.

If you want to look stylish while you listen

colourful Frends headphones

Frends combine beautiful aesthetics with high quality sound to create fashionable headphones.

You can even mix & match the interchangeable caps to suit your outfit and always look stylish. But they’re not just a fashionista accessory; they’re also a high quality headphone that blocks lots of external sound.

If you want to fall asleep comfortably

grey Sleepphones band

Sleepphones are quite the genius invention. Instead of bulky earphones, they are a soft headband that you wear around your forehead (or even as an eye mask). 

They have small flat speakers that you adjust over your ears, and plug into any listening device with a standard headphone jack. Now you can drift off to sleep with meditones without getting tangled in your headphones.

If you want to block out *all* of the noise

black Bose headphones

Bose’s noise cancelling headphones are perfect for travel (especially long haul flights). This is because they block external sound completely. A small battery powers a very subtle low hum, that cancels out background noise. 

At the very top of the price range, active noise cancelling headphones are a big investment. But when you arrive at your destination after not hearing a plane engine for 16 hours, they become worth their weight in gold. Plus noise cancelling headphones are especially good for Highly Sensitive People.

Experience effortless calm

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