What Are Meditones?

Meditones® are both powerful and gentle. In fact, they are a deeply soothing tool that are also very easy to use. Because meditones help you produce calm brainwaves, effortlessly.

Meditones help you feel

  • Instantly calm
  • More grounded
  • Less anxious
  • Light & inspired
  • Clear & focused
  • Relief from pain
  • Well rested

With meditones, you can finally come home to yourself.

And all you need? Are a pair of headphones.

How do meditones work?

Imagine you’re watching the waves at the beach. You start counting how many times they crash onto the shore per second.

The number of times the waves crashed onto the shore is their frequency. In science, this frequency is called Hertz (Hz).

Brain waves are measured in Hertz. And sound waves are also measured in Hertz. Which means we can use sound to stimulate brain wave patterns.

Meditones are precisely tuned frequencies of sound, that when heard with headphones, guide your brain into effortless calm.

Here’s how they work.

How meditones work

When two frequencies are combined they make a humming vibration.

When you listen to this vibration with a pair of headphones, your brain synchronises to that frequency.

Which means, when you listen to a vibration of 10Hz, your brain will match the vibration. Your brain will produce brain waves of 10Hz.

Brain waves that are at a frequency of 10Hz are in the Alpha range. Alpha brain waves are normally produced during daydreaming and calm focus.

By listening to meditones at 10Hz, you’ll start to feel relaxed and blissful. Effortlessly.

The technical term for meditones is “binaural beats” and their results are completely backed by science.

But all you need to remember is that they make you calm without you having to do a thing. Just listen with headphones, and the meditones effect occurs naturally and easily.

Experience the meditones effect

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" Meditones make me feel like my nervous system goes from 5000 revs to idle… pretty much instantly." ~ Katey
Experience effortless calm

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