Deep Living & Ceremony

Deep Living & Ceremony
With Sarah Rigano

If everything is lost in an instant, what truly matters? Isn't that an incredible question?!

It's clear that we are all being called to define what truly matters. Which means that what we're really being called towards is a deep life. And when you decide to embrace a deeper life, honouring what matters through ceremony becomes so precious.

On this podcast episode I speak with Sarah Rigano of Form And Light. Her work is steeped in ceremony in order to create transformative sacred spaces.

"If everything is lost in an instant, what matters? What's of the greatest importance?" ~ Sarah Rigano
In this episode

  • the charity work that cracked Sarah wide open in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy
  • how she stays connected to hope despite our many environmental crises
  • Sarah shares how you can start bringing more ceremony into your life

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