The Magic of Embodiment

The Magic of Embodiment
With Yarrow Magdelena

One of the gifts of being a Highly Sensitive Person, is being observant and a deep thinker. Unfortunately, the shadow side of this is overthinking. So how do you stop overthinking? How do you tap into the deepest, wisest parts of yourself? How do you start trusting yourself more? One way is through the magic of embodiment.

"Embodiment doesn't have to be this huge thing. We really just have to hold onto these everyday practices that make us feel good about being home in our bodies." ~ Yarrow Magdelena
In this episode

  • How embodiment helps Yarrow to discover her true desires & make clearer decisions
  • Why embodiment can help with healing and heart-centred business
  • A super fun way you can easily bring the magic of embodiment into your day


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