Feng Shui Serenity

Feng Shui Serenity
With Grace Niu

Have you ever walked into a space and felt immediately at ease? And it wasn’t just because it was comfortable or beautiful, but the energy just felt right? Learn more about how Feng Shui can help you tap into that calm beautiful energy, with one of Australia’s leading experts, Grace Niu.

"The most important thing is to allow that environment to support us, so we can create sanctuary within, wherever we go." ~ Grace Niu
In this episode

  • Why Feng Shui is more than just moving furniture around
  • An adorable morning routine to help you start the day with energy (which I’m totally stealing)
  • How Feng Shui can help sensitive people feel empowered in any environment (even really challenging ones)
  • A really easy, practical and affordable tip to start creating sanctuary in your home right now

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