Healing Ancestral Trauma

Healing Ancestral Trauma
With Lisa Nagel

What if your anxiety doesn't belong to you? What if your frustrating patterns, weren’t yours alone, but a product of your ancestry? And how can you heal what isn't yours? Enter Ancestral Healing. This concept is *wild* to me and blew my mind right open. My chat with Lisa Nagel is absolutely illuminating.

"We beat ourselves up so much when we can't change a pattern, and yet, most of the time, these things are inherited." ~ Lisa Nagel
In this episode

  • How we can change our gene expressions by healing ancestral trauma (and therefore heal our bodies & minds
  • The relief that comes from realising self healing isn’t all on our own shoulders
  • How we can tap into the wisdom of our ancestors 
  • The beautiful things our ancestors want most for us 
  • A gentle & practical tip for starting your ancestral trauma healing journey

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