Highly Sensitive Man

Highly Sensitive Man
With Tom Falkenstein

Being highly sensitive isn't a disorder. And it also isn't gendered. It's a biological trait that manifests equally across the gender spectrum. So why a podcast episode specifically about Highly Sensitive Men?

Because of the way the patriarchy affects men. When you're highly sensitive, being trapped by a narrow definition of masculinity can make life even harder. The good news? Being a Highly Sensitive Man can show other people new ways of defining masculinity.

"These men were describing a sensitivity that they had experienced since childhood. A trait, rather than a state" ~ Tom Falkenstein
In this episode

  • the specific challenges Highly Sensitive men face in a world with a limiting view of masculinity
  • tips and strategies that can help Highly Sensitive men become more resilient
  • what we can do as friends, partners and parents to support the Highly Sensitive men in our life

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