Mindfulness for Highly Sensitive People

Mindfulness for Highly Sensitive People
With Rachael Kable

Rachael Kable is an author and podcast host of The Mindful Kind. She's also softly-spoken, very intelligent and full of mature insight. We both had a few epiphanies during our chat! These aha moments deepened our understanding of living as Highly Sensitive People. If you struggle with feeling overwhelmed as an HSP, then don’t miss this episode!

"Mindfulness helps remind me that my thoughts aren't always real and they don't have to dictate my whole life" ~ Rachael Kable
In this episode

  • The lightbulb moment when Rachael realised she was an empath and Highly Sensitive Person
  • How mindfulness has naturally helped her cope with being a HSP, before she even knew she was one
  • A guided mindfulness practice that can help you feel calm and grounded anywhere, anytime

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