Deep Personal Growth for HSP

Deep Personal Growth for HSP
With Hellè Weston

We're true believers that Highly Sensitive People are the medicine our world needs. Which is why deep personal growth is so important for Highly Sensitive People. So that you can have the resilience to be yourself, stay strong in your tenderness, and bring a healing light to others. One amazing woman who is blazing this trail is Hellè Weston.

"If we can let go of the resistance and the fear and power up in our sensitivity, we can initiate great change." ~ Hellè Weston
In this episode

  • How embracing her sensitivity meant Hellè could live a life of freedom & fulfilment
  • Why approaching her morning routine with flexibility allows Hellè to be disciplined while also honouring her mood & energetic needs
  • How to face the things you avoid in order to grow, heal and transform your life
  • Several supportive tools you can use to sustain yourself during deep personal growth

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