Quit The Hustle

Quit The Hustle
With Alex Phillips

We often think of resilience through the lens of perseverance, strength and sacrifice. But it turns out that resilience comes through rest. The ability to calm your nervous system, self soothe and slow down (especially in the face of ongoing threat) is key. Rest is the panacea for these uncertain times.

On this podcast episode I speak with Alex Phillips, the co-founder of Saint Belford - a lifestyle planner company that helps you keep self care at the top of your to do list.

"If we're always in the fast lane, when do we get to appreciate what we've already achieved?" ~ Alex Phillips
In this episode

  • the drastic health challenge that took Alex from hustling entrepreneur to wellbeing advocate
  • why she didn't feel worthy of rest and how her perspective has changed
  • Alex shares the self care rituals that helped her slow down, become more resilient and redefine what success means to her

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