Rest & Renewal For Busy People

Rest & Renewal For Busy People
With Kate Cashman

“How are you?” “Busy” Seems like the standard answer we all give these days, isn’t it? Busy, busy, busy.

But what if busy didn’t mean burnt-out, exhausted and drained? What if you could still have a life you loved that also included rest and renewal? That’s what Kate Cashman's revolution is all about.

"Rest doesn't mean you have to quit everything you love. I'm still channeling that passion but with the energy to keep going long term." ~ Kate Cashman
In this episode

  • What rest and renewal really is (hint: it ain’t all Netflix & chill)
  • Why rest has been honoured by some of the world’s most prominent historical leaders
  • The key mindset shift you need to embrace the Renewal Revolution
  • How you can start incorporating rest & renewal into your life (even if you’re really busy)

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