Rituals for Sensitive Souls

Rituals for Sensitive Souls
With Sara Brooke

Sara Brooke is a powerful, insightful and inspiring leader. And her journey to get to this place has been both beautiful and deeply challenging. If you want to start incorporating more ritual into your life, so you can embrace your gifts of sensitivity and stop feeling overwhelmed, this episode for you!

"I've worked really hard on my boundaries which means I can be in stressful situations without taking on other people's things." ~ Sara Brooke
In this episode

  • The exact energy archetype Sara embodies (which I wholeheartedly agree with)
  • Why Sara no longer calls herself an empath and the new identity she has instead
  • The most incredible end of day ritual to help you call your energy back home
  • How Sara helps her clients create ceremony & ritual wherever they are in the world

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