Heart Centered Living

Heart Centered Living
With Love Is Your Compass

Speaking with Anna & LJ from Love is Your Compass was like chatting over tea with long lost friends. They are wise, insightful and deep; and they share their stories with such honesty and raw vulnerability. We discuss sacred talismans, sustainable business & heart-centred living.

"Love Is Your Compass began as an affirmation to honour the fact that when you live a life that is heart-centered, life is so much richer." ~ Anna & LJ
In this episode

  • Anna’s poignant journey from self-abandonment to self-love as a sensitive creative soul
  • LJ’s amazing journey embracing her biracial roots and strong intuition coupled with her sacred journey into motherhood
  • How the tenets of permaculture inform their creation process and inner work
  • The morning ritual I’m totally stealing off Anna
  • How to start incorporating heart-centred living into your day

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