Shine as an HSP

Shine as an HSP
With Katherine Mackenzie-Smith

Katherine has long been an advocate for quiet, sensitive souls to help them shine in life and business. Holding on to the mission you have as Highly Sensitive People can be hard. Especially when you feel overwhelmed by the world. Which is why it’s so important to master the tools you need to become grounded and empowered. This is why Katherine’s work is so wonderful.

"I want it so that being sensitive is not seen as a weakness, and that no-one grows up in the world feeling like they aren't good enough." ~ Katherine Mackenzie-Smith
In this episode

  • Katherine's evolving journey into understanding her own high sensitivity
  • How Katherine learned to see her sensitivity as a gift & embrace who she is as a HSP
  • Why being highly sensitive isn’t an excuse to ignore the difficult things happening in the world
  • How you can start to protect your own energy & feel empowered to do the soulful work you’re called to do

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