Yoga for Healing Anxiety

Yoga for Healing Anxiety
With Danique Hanson

Meet my delightful friend, Danique Hanson. She’s the one I tag in all my memes! Whenever we’re together, we laugh a lot, and today is no exception. So get ready for a fun and inspiring interview. Because Danique has healed her anxiety with yoga.

"I always label myself as an anxious person but if I'm realistic, I don't really suffer from anxiety any more." ~ Danique Hanson
In this episode

  • How Danique used to have crippling anxiety, even though other people couldn’t tell
  • How yoga helped heal her anxiety so that it’s not a part of her identity anymore
  • The one, easy, practical thing you can do to feel less stressed and anxious right now
  • Why Danique is so passionate about making yoga as accessible as possible

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