Your Seasonal Soul

Your Seasonal Soul
With Lauren Aletta

When you look at nature and see the gentle passing of the seasons, it’s clear that each cycle is vital for things to bloom and rest. But what about the seasons of your life? Or the stages of your soul’s purpose? I know I often want to rush through the challenges and stay in the celebrations. However, as Lauren Aletta discovered, there are real gifts to each season of your soul.

"By acknowledging 'Hey, I'm in a winter and this person is in their summer...that's ok.' It takes all this comparison out of life." ~ Lauren Aletta
In this episode

  • How Lauren's career in social work showed her that everyone has a perceptive ability
  • How Lauren helps people harness the power of their intuition
  • Why nature is the most beautiful metaphor for presence to whatever is happening in your life
  • The stages of your seasonal soul & each gift they bring

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