Your Time To Shine

Your Time To Shine
With Jane Novak

Having a deeper layer of energetic information to process is one of the reasons it can be so exhausting to be a Highly Sensitive Person.

The good news? Even though we live in a chaotic world, when you manage your energy well, you can become so much more empowered and resilient. And that's when you start to thrive as your true self.

"You become empowered when you get to that point that it's You vs You. Not You vs The World." ~ Jane Novak
In this episode

  • the pivotal moment Jane began to see her sensitivity as a blessing (instead of a curse)
  • why energetic healing and rest are the keys to becoming more resilient as a Highly Sensitive Person
  • Jane shares a bunch of practical steps so you can become more empowered


Jane Novak 0:01
You become empowered when you get to that point that it’s you versus you, not you versus the world, not you versus other people who want to suck your energy. So when you understand that, when you work on that, that’s when you become empowered.

Tahlee Rouillon 0:20
One of the characteristics of being Highly Sensitive, is how tuned in you are to the subtle. You pick up on other people’s moods, notice details other people miss, and can quickly get the vibe of a place. Having this additional layer of energetic information to process is one of the reasons it can be so exhausting to be Highly Sensitive. But the good news, even though we live in a chaotic world, when you manage your energy well, you can become so much more empowered and resilient. And that’s when you start to thrive as your true self. You’re listening to the Seekers’ Sanctuary, a show about creating sanctuary in life, work, relationships, and home so you can embrace a life that matters to you. I’m your host Tahlee. In today’s episode, I speak with Jane Novak from New Soul Academy. Jane is a world renowned thought leader on helping sensitive people thrive in business and in life. We talk about the pivotal moment she began to see her sensitivity as a blessing instead of a curse, why energetic healing and rest are the keys to becoming more resilient as a Highly Sensitive Person. And Jane shares a bunch of practical steps that you can take to become more empowered today. Enjoy.

Tahlee Rouillon 1:53
Hi, Jane, thank you so much for joining me today on the Seekers’ Sanctuary podcast.

Jane Novak 2:00
Thank you for having me Tahlee. I’m so excited to be here.

Tahlee Rouillon 2:03
Oh, I’m so excited to talk with you. As I mentioned to you just before when we were chatting, I’ve been following you on Instagram for quite some time now. And I just love how beautifully you support Highly Sensitive People and empaths. And I know that your business is all about helping sensitive souls to stop absorbing other people’s energy. But I’d love to know, was there a time in your life that you didn’t know how to do this at a time when you felt really overwhelmed and stressed out?

Jane Novak 2:39
Oh, yes, absolutely. Us sensitive people at some point, we hit rock bottom, or something happens in our life and we just feel you know, I always felt like I didn’t belong. I was different. I was an alien and someone has to come and pick me up from this planet and put me on another planet. Because I just I felt like there was something wrong with me. There was a lot of challenges of being sensitive and what I call unaware empath, you know, unempowered empath, meaning I had no idea I was an empath. I had no tools how to take care of myself. And I didn’t have a sense of awareness back then. But kind of like back somewhere, subconsciously. I had that little voice guiding me. I was just not so attuned to it. But I felt different for sure.

Tahlee Rouillon 3:32
And was there a catalyst? Was there like a really defining moment where you kind of moved from being an unaware empath to much more aware and conscious of your sensitivities.

Jane Novak 3:46
Absolutely, I heard, I believe it was Doreen Virtue, I was listening to one of her books or podcasts. I don’t remember. And remember, she said, sensitivity is your gift. And I remember I was doing dishes or something. I dropped everything that moment. It really resonated, that. I was viewing being sensitive as a curse, because everybody would say, put your big girl pants on stop crying, you know, like, life his tough, toughen up, change your attitude. And I was like, wow, that means I don’t have to change anything. I just have to accept it. So there was a moment also when I heard the word empath. And that was a pivotal moment in my life when I realized I had a choice to view it as a curse, or as a blessing. And at the same time, I heard this voice when I learned that I was an empath that you’re here to help other empaths and sensitive people. So that was kind of a moment of “this is it”. I know what I’m here to do. And I know that a lot of people are struggling with this. And they simply not even aware of this. So my goal was, my desire was, to let a lot of people know about that.

Tahlee Rouillon 5:06
Yeah, I know that I was well into my 20s before I even realized that I was a Highly Sensitive Person and an empath. And it was definitely like that lightbulb moment of going, “Oh, I’m not weird or broken or a freak, or different, or, you know, well, I am different, but that’s okay”. You know? And you’re absolutely right. I totally believe that sensitivity is a gift. So you’ve lived this portion of your life, feeling very broken, very alienated, like you don’t even belong here on earth. And I know that that is a really common feeling among sensitive souls. And then you you have this lightbulb moment, and you’re like, oh, my goodness, sensitivity is a gift. And you have this awareness now that you can choose to live your life like sensitivity is blessing. How did you then go from living your life as an empowered empath to then starting to share your message?

Jane Novak 6:17
I remember on this journey, I’ve been drawn to a lot of spiritual self help books, I could not get enough, I would just thirsty for knowledge, I would read about crystals, I would read about energy, I would kind of self educate myself. And at the same time what I teach my students now that you gain more clarity when you take action, you just… in theory it all can be beautiful. You can read all the books, but you have to actually define it. Once you’ve found that call, you have to get on that path. So once I started getting myself out there, opening my Instagram page and kind of sharing with people what I know, doing these videos, I was very… my voice was shaking. I started doing all of that kind of as fear. But the the goal to spread this message, the end, this awareness was stronger than my fear. So I started putting myself out there and my community started growing and so many people were messaging me and saying, “You have no idea how you changed my life. I had no idea that I was sensitive, or I was an empath”. And that that was like, “Wow, what a beautiful transformation we can make a difference when we actually work on ourselves”.

Tahlee Rouillon 7:41
I love that this idea that clarity comes from action. I personally suffer quite a lot from overthinking things. And I think that that definitely is something that a lot of sensitive people can get, we really have a tendency to get caught up in our heads. And so yeah, taking action, to give us more clarity is such a beautiful idea. I’m interested, do you have some rituals around managing your sensitivity and your everyday life?

Jane Novak 8:23
Absolutely, totally. I think everybody needs a spiritual practice, a divine practice, a self care practice, because without it, I’ve been committed to it for many years. And that’s that’s a commitment. That’s a promise you make to yourself that no one else is responsible for how I feel, and you know, and what I call you can be a victimized empath, or victim empath. When you just go around and say, “Look at me, for me, I pick up on other people’s energies”, but you’re not willing to do anything about it, or you can become empowered, take responsibility for your well being and what I do, I start with the morning practice, the rising practice, when I meditate, when I take time to move my body in the morning, do some maybe small yoga flow or just release any stagnant energy that is not serving me. And usually sometimes it takes 10 to 15 minutes a day or sometimes when I have more time my kids are in school, I come back and I continue for 40 minutes more. So definitely all of us need to wake up. Meditate, I believe, quiet our mind, to maybe journal a few things that are bothering us, to leave it all on the paper. There’s so many different tools that I teach, and it will give you let’s say 10 tools you intuitively will choose what works for you. I don’t believe there’s like a blueprint, one blueprint for everyone. But the core has to be the same. It’s the dedication, a little bit of time to your energy every day.

Tahlee Rouillon 10:17
And why do you think energetic healing is the key to our sensitive souls becoming more resilient and more empowered?

Jane Novak 10:26
That’s such a good question. I love this question. Well, you know, people they don’t realize that… maybe people think that we have spirit in our body. But actually, we have body in our energy, our body in our spirit, this realm of energy that is so invisible, that you don’t see your energy can extend, I don’t know, to so many feet around your body, and kind of focusing just on what your body is doing. But you forget about the energy, the healing of false perceptions, or limiting beliefs, or core beliefs that has been stuck with you. And I used to be a health coach, and I used to eat very clean and healthy and let me tell you, I’ve tried different diets, and no matter like vegan, raw food diet, or whatever, you name it, clean, healthy, so to speak. But I ended up feeling sick and miserable, because I was not starting with the right thing, which is my spiritual hygiene, my spiritual diet, my “how do I feed my soul first?” How do I heal my energy first? How do I heal my limiting beliefs and all of the junk that I picked up in this life? So when we start realizing that feeling is the key to everything, healing our thought patterns, rewiring our thought patterns, then we start shifting into other aspects. We can choose the diet that works for us that in alignment with our body and soul, we choose the exercise routine and actually see results, we feel good. I think a lot of people have it backwards, and they start from a different point, and then they feel stuck. So energy healing, self healing, is the first step to wellbeing and having it all really.

Tahlee Rouillon 12:16
That’s so interesting. So you’re kind of saying like, the energetic body, sort of filters down through to the physical body. And so when you heal that energetic field, healing is kind of natural into the physical body.

Jane Novak 12:46
Absolutely, I love how you put it into words actually. It’s beautiful. Yes, I believe that everything that we don’t like something about, let’s say, our bodies, or the way we feel we can change that. We have that power, and empaths kind of take a step further, because they’re so into their sensitivities and emotions and feelings and thoughts, that they could be great manifestors, but they need to master their empathic gifts first, their energy first.

Tahlee Rouillon 13:21
Absolutely. And do you think that a natural outcome of healing our energy as empaths is that we are less tossed around by other people’s energy, we’re less influenced by other people’s energy?

Jane Novak 13:41
Absolutely. If you’re an empowered empath, those people what I teach in my practice is that when you become empowered, people who will want to suck your energy or drain your energy, or energy vampires, are not going to appear in your life. If you take care of yourself, take care of your energy, respect yourself, can set clear boundaries and you not pleasing other people or walking on eggshells to avoid negative reaction from other people. But you actually facing your demons, you’re healing, you’re going through healing, and you become empowered, then you attract people who are empowered as well. You know what I mean?

Tahlee Rouillon 14:25

Jane Novak 14:25
And that’s the biggest thing that I teach because people think I’m going to give them sometimes like a magic mantra, which I have them, and that will protect them, but I always say… so people say, “what about the bubble Jane, like the bubble of light?” Some people say, “let’s put a bubble of light around us”. And I say that if you feel absolutely miserable, don’t put that bubble, it actually implies that you’re resisting something, which will attract more of that resistance in turn.

Tahlee Rouillon 14:59
That makes so much sense. So what makes us so resistant to prioritizing our own wellbeing and our own energetic healing? Like, where do we get stuck as sensitive souls?

Jane Novak 15:13
As sensitive people, we care too much about other people’s needs, I think. We are so attuned to other people’s reaction and energies. And usually unaware, empath started their journey with low self esteem, whether it was through trauma in life, or they picked it up in their mother’s womb all these fears and beliefs and thoughts that they’re kind of holding in their cells of their body, including those sensitivities. So what makes us resistant is, I believe one thing that makes us resistant is we put ourselves on a back burner, as unaware empaths, as unempowered empaths, and we want to save and fix everyone first, which could be kind of form of control as well. Because if I please you, you will be in a better mood and if you’ll be in a better mood, I will be in a better mood. So it’s kind of again, backwards, instead of taking responsibility off, I want to get myself in a better mood first, and everything else will be taken care of. Because my energy will attract the same kind of energy, the positive one. So another thing that I think what makes us resistant to healing is the fear. Fear maybe I would be misunderstood. You know, when I started doing this work, no one in my family, and I mean, no one I had no support, and no one understood and some of the people still don’t understand what I do. So it’s like I put that on a shelf, I don’t need that I don’t need their approval. So you become empowered, when you get to that point, that it’s you versus you, not you versus the world, not you versus other people who want to suck your energy. So when you understand that, when you work on that, that’s when you become empowered.

Tahlee Rouillon 17:20
I love that. I love that - you against you, or even like you WITH you. You’ve got your own back and you don’t need, you don’t crave that sort of approval and support from everybody around you because you are championing yourself.

Jane Novak 17:41
Absolutely. And no one really can support us in a way we want to be supported. What I realize, unfortunately, from a lot of from my path of realizing these things, I’m not just making them up, I actually went through them to understand lessons. So no one will be able to support you the way you want to be supported. No one just has the ability to give it to you, only you can do it yourself. And all of us have this ability. It’s just we kind of… since we were little sometimes our parents would say you need to behave better, so I can feel better. And it’s kind of patterns that we pass onto our children and our children pass to their children, and so on.

Tahlee Rouillon 18:28
Yeah, I think going back to what you said too about that low self esteem, and also, potentially inherited trauma or generational trauma or the things that we have passed down through our families of origin. You know, it can have a huge impact on how we feel about ourselves. And then, of course, how we behave and relate to other people in the world. I know that I certainly struggled with low self esteem for a very, very, very long time. And a huge part of my healing journey has been self love, and learning to love the parts of myself that other people rejected, and then I rejected. And of course, my sensitivity was one of those things. And the second that I started to embrace my sensitivity and see it, as you say, as a gift. I realized that was one of the best things about me and now I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Jane Novak 19:33
Absolutely. Now, when you can connect to people, you can understand them. You can do the work that you love, right? It’s once you become empowered, it’s almost like the whole world is your oyster.

Tahlee Rouillon 19:48
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Tahlee Rouillon 21:05
So I want to talk about this connection between resilience as a sensitive person, and rest. Because I know for me personally, I’ve often felt like I needed way more sleep and rest than like the average person. I’m wondering, has this been something that is true for you? And do you see this in your work? Do you think that rest is a key part of healing for sensitive people?

Jane Novak 21:39
I’m so glad you brought it up. Because I actually noticed that myself recently too that, here’s what happens. Especially let’s say I’m a mom, I have three children. And sometimes by the end of the day, when they go to sleep, I’m like, “Oh, I have these extra hours to myself”, which are so important, right? So I’ll do the work I kind of go past 10pm and go to bed later. But what I noticed is that it’s so important, so important to get enough sleep for empaths and sensitive people. I think even there’s research that has been done, like a beauty sleep, between 10pm and 2am. And not just for the way you look beauty but to feel good too. These hours, we’re actually sleeping it’s good for us. And if we don’t get enough sleep, we are triggered so much easier, like our energy levels go down. We’re not in connection with our higher selves. And sometimes what I would suggest if you feel like taking a nap even if you feel guilty, and you have this opportunity, you have a couch you found the couch, well take a nap.

Tahlee Rouillon 22:50

Jane Novak 22:52
Take a nap because that’s what… we take care of our phones, better than we like a phone battery better than our own battery these days. Like if it dies, there’s no way you can make calls right? Or go to Instagram and scroll around. So you put it on the charger. But we kind of forget about that we also have limited amount of energy throughout the day. Because we’re physical bodies. And then we have to put ourselves on the charger. Get enough hours to recharge fully. So yeah, I believe it’s very important.

Tahlee Rouillon 23:29
Good. I’m not alone.

Jane Novak 23:32
You’re not.

Tahlee Rouillon 23:33
I would love to know, what do you think the first step is towards becoming more energetically resilient? I know we’ve kind of talked about a few different things. But do you have like a really simple practical tip for anyone who’s listening? That is thinking, “yes, I really want to take that step to becoming more resilient and much more empowered empath and empowered sensitive person”, what would be the first place they start?

Jane Novak 24:08
So the first step I would always suggest meditating. And it could be not a long time. Maybe start with, if you’re beginner start with three minutes, increasing one minute a day, and getting up until 10 to 15 minutes, no more than that. So another step that is so important and easy to do as an empath is to take at least one hour a day just for yourself. Maybe cozy up in your bed and read a book. Or maybe you communicate with your partner with your children that I need time alone, I’m going to go around for a walk or for a drive, I don’t know by myself or get a lunch by myself. So you have to create these dates with yourself, when you get to know your own energy, what it feels like to be me, what do I want. And another tool, I think, also very important and easy to do is journaling. Journaling your feelings, journaling just expressions, maybe it’s through drawing, coloring, painting, any way you can nourish your spirit. Finding these moments to slow down and do nothing, and not even try to be productive in this moment. But just kind of allow myself to, I’m just going to maybe watch the episode of my favorite movie, and while I shouldn’t be watching right now. So give yourself that permission, give yourself that commitment to yourself.

Tahlee Rouillon 25:47
You mentioned this before, and I would love to just quickly touch on it again, you talked about the path to being empowered, is keeping those promises to yourself, making a commitment to yourself. Can you talk a little bit about why there is that connection between commitment and feeling empowered?

Jane Novak 26:11
I believe empaths thrive better was discipline. I truly believe that. And when we commit to something we get discipline in certain actions like, not because we’re going to do it for someone else. But rather, we do it for ourselves. Because so many things probably will already do, because we’ve had to do them but we really forget about the most important thing. So that commitment, that discipline actually makes you feel like a badass almost, “oh, I can do this”, you start believing in yourself, you stop doubting yourself that it wasn’t possible. It IS possible, you just have to prioritize it. And get discipline at this. And I believe a good mixture of discipline and managing is with good sleep, whether you take an action, but also learn to step back and surrender when you need to. That’s empowered. Just doing go-go-go because it’s it’s trendy to be busy is not going to make you empowered. At the same way, I’m just gonna do nothing, because I’m angry with the world is not going to make you empowered. So when you find the balance there, and knowing when you step back and want to go further, is the beauty of being an empowered empath.

Tahlee Rouillon 27:44
Oh, my gosh, that’s amazing. Oh, I love it. Thank you so much. Jane, we’re coming to the end here. And I just want to pause for a second and say thank you so much for all of the amazing insight and wisdom that you have shared so far. I really, really appreciate it.

Jane Novak 28:05
It’s my pleasure. Tahlee. Thank you so much for having me here. I’ve had a great time. It’s amazing that what you’re doing empowering other sensitive people and empaths. So I personally want to thank you for that, too.

Tahlee Rouillon 28:20
Oh, thank you. And just before we go, what are you diving deeper into at the moment? Do you have something exciting coming up in your work or your life that you’d like to share?

Jane Novak 28:34
Yeah, I’m currently working on a couple of new projects. And shifting a little bit on my teachings, the style of teaching. So what I want to bring more into this world, that it’s not just about empaths and sensitive people, but it’s kind of like stepping forward beyond the labels of how can we nourish our spirit and fully step and unapologetically step into who we truly are, and help other healers and coaches and all the intuitives who want to help other people rise up. Because that’s, I feel the energy is all about that. And if you’re listening to this podcast, I would say most likely, you’re not here by chance. If you listening to this message, that’s probably you. The world is waiting for you. So I’m working on this. And I’ve been already helping people to do that. But I want to kind of dive even deeper in that area.

Tahlee Rouillon 29:38
I love that. That sounds so incredible. And you’re absolutely right. I think it’s time it’s definitely time for all of the empathic, intuitive, artistic, healing, beautiful people in the world to rise up. So I’m so thrilled that you’re leading the charge on that.

Jane Novak 29:58
Thank you. It’s exciting. I’m very excited for this.

Tahlee Rouillon 30:01
That’s great. Well, thank you again so much, Jane for your time and your insight and wisdom. It’s been such a pleasure talking with you.

Jane Novak 30:10
Thank you for having me. Tahlee It has been my pleasure.

Tahlee Rouillon 30:13
And thank you everyone for listening in. We’ll catch you next time.

Tahlee Rouillon 30:17
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